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As a mathematician I have always been fasinated by the geometric algorithms behind the Islamic art. In Islamic art, the repetition of basic geometric shapes, serves to concretely symbolize the infinite. These patterns offer the possibility of infinite growth and a wonderful sense of freedom within the constraints of mathematics and geometry. We can imagine the pattern continuing forever; organically shifting, evolving, transforming yet still adhering to the laws of its creation. These patterns are intentional, created with purpose and foresight. In my opinion, these patterns implicitly symbolize the core idea of Islam: even with the imposed constrains of this world, by adehering to the rules, a finite human being, can become infinite.

The header picture on this page is the main entrance of Sheikh Lutf Allah Mosque, one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture for around 400 years ago, standing on the eastern side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran.

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