Christoph Bösch

I received my M.Sc. degree in IT-Security (Sys­tem Se­cu­ri­ty Group) from the University of Bochum, Germany, in 2008. In 2015, I received my PhD degree in the Database & the Distributed and Embedded Security reserch groups at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

I am interested in security, privacy, and cryptography in general, with an emphasis on privacy and applied cryptography. I am working on security and privacy technologies for cloud computing, especially for searching on encrypted data.

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SPCMHD — Secure Patient-Centric Management of Health Data. Digitisation of healthcare data leads to new applications such as for example personal healthcare systems. In such applications various parties exchange healthcare data over open network infrastructures. This results in security and privacy concerns that need to be addressed. The focus of the research is on the development of novel security techniques that address the specific requirements of healthcare data management. One of these requirements is the secure storage and retrieval of information. To reduce security and privacy risks, the information should be stored in encrypted form. This makes it impossible for unauthorized users or attackers to access the data but at the same time an authorized user cannot search for specific data. It is desired to support searching functionality without any loss of data confidentiality.


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Teaching Assistant

  • Secure Data Management (fall 2011)
  • Introduction to Computer Security (fall 2010)